Landscaping Gardening

Have you always wished for a dream garden?

Your dream garden may be more affordable than you thought!

Have you always dreamed about your perfect garden? It may be closer than you think. We can design and create a pleasing garden, nurturing your vision, which could be your sanctuary to enjoy every day.

At DPM, our job as landscape gardeners is to give you your ideal outdoor space – a sanctuary you can enjoy for years to come. We provide a wide range of landscape gardening services, from regular care and maintenance of your garden to full landscape design, construction and finishing. Our team of dedicated landscape gardeners will work closely with you to recreate your garden landscaping ideas, visualise the design with the latest tools, and bring it to life before your eyes. DPM is the home of the best landscape gardeners and designers in Berkshire and Surrey, and we promise you won’t regret hiring us!

Why Use Professional Landscape Gardeners?

Do you have a new property with a blank slate of a garden waiting to be personalised? Perhaps your garden is overgrown and out of control, and needs some TLC? Or maybe you want to create a new landscape design, re-invigorate an existing outdoor area to improve your life, or increase the value of your property? Our wide range of landscape gardening services can help.

Landscape gardeners are the perfect option for people who want to give their property a little extra ‘wow’ factor. But that doesn’t have to be limited to your garden. Our experts can help you with every aspect of landscape design, from the front driveway, around to your back-garden landscape to your roof landscaping. We go above and beyond the role of a gardener, and use our landscape design skills to create stunning spaces that you enjoy spending time in.

Why Use DPM?

At DPM we take pride in our work as exceptional landscape gardeners. Our creative and passionate landscape designers will work with you closely to find out how your space will be used, what you want it to look like, and what is achievable within your space based on a full site survey. We will then create your ideas using hard and soft landscaping techniques, bringing the extra touch of magic that your garden has been missing.

We also don’t shy away from a challenge. Unlike other landscapers, we relish a challenge, and will happily work around any constraints of your site. We have full licensing for commercial cherry pickers to access difficult to reach spots and can carry out a full garden landscape design and refresh even if there is no direct access. We are also fully certified member of BALI (The British Association of Landscape Industries), so you know your landscape gardening is in safe hands.

Our highly qualified teamwork with all types of landscape design projects, from an initial seed of a garden landscaping idea, all the way through to the landscape design, digging, installation, planting and ongoing maintenance. We are more than just your average garden maintenance company – we help you craft a garden space you actually want to spend time in and keep it looking great all year round. We have extensive experience working with spaces of all shapes and sizes, taking neglected properties and using our landscape gardening services to create dream spaces. And we would love to help you create yours too.