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A driveway is the welcome mat of your property. Much more than just a parking space, a high quality driveway can enhance the appearance of your home while reflecting your personality and style. Our specialist driveway and hardscaping experts have many year’s experience crafting bespoke driveways for an array of properties. We will work closely with you to understand your vision, so we can build you a stylish entrance that lasts for decades.

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Making an entrance

Some of our clients come to us with a clear idea of what they would like, while others want some advice on what would suit their property. If you are unsure of the type of driveway you want, our design experts can help you hone in on the perfect choice based on your home, your local area or even the style of your interior.

No matter what your vision, we are happy to work around you to create a driveway that makes you proud. To ensure your driveway looks as stylish and attractive as possible we will consult with you from start to finish, planning and designing in advance before crafting the finished product as quickly and efficiently as possible based on your specifications. We are incredibly proud to offer such  a truly bespoke service, which means you can use our skills and expertise in a way that is best suited to you. Whether you would like a single driveway, a driveway with additional parking  or an elaborate driveway design that is completely unique to you, we are happy to oblige.

As part of our service we can also landscape your front garden. From plants and water features to paving, stonework and even lighting, our comprehensive tailored driveway service can be altered as you go, so you can add to the finished look as it grows and develops.

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Hardwearing and durable

The most important part of creating a driveway is to ensure it is hard wearing and durable. By its very nature, a driveway must be able to hold a heavy weight for much of its life, and this means specialist materials and techniques are required. We begin the creation of our driveways by constructing strong, long lasting base layers. Using tried and tested techniques, we then lay your chosen material in your bespoke colour or design to create the perfect finish.

We only use the best building materials to ensure a high quality finished product. We source from as close to home as possible to reduce our carbon footprint, but we are still able to offer a huge variety of options so you can be sure you will find the right surface for your home. DPM also specialises in creating bespoke driveways for larger properties such as hotels and corporate buildings, providing a professional, high quality finish that will reflect your brand.

Nowadays there are more driveway options available than ever before, making it easier for you to find a material that reflects your personality. Our most popular options are:

●       Gravel
●       Resin bound
●       Block paving
●       Cobble stones
●       Tarmac
●       Brick



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