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Guide to Property Maintenance Companies

Having the perfect property for your personal or commercial needs, which guest will also enjoy visiting, is a fantastic feelings. However, design and construction is only the start of ensuring that your property serves it’s purpose to your and continues to impress your guests.

Vital to the longevity of your property is applying the correct maintenance procedures, and that’s where property maintenance companies like DPM Design & Build, and the services we provide, become very necessary. There are various types of commercial property maintenance that can keep you satisfied with your building and ensure that it’s a safe and attractive location for any inhabitants. 

What is Property Maintenance?

In summary, property maintenance involves cleaning, conducting safety checks, and repairing inside and outside buildings.

When individual problems occur with a property, some owners hire separate contractors to complete specific tasks. This isn’t a great business decision as multiple maintenance issues would need to be resolved by different teams, making it more likely that maintenance tasks end up being left until they’re urgent, reducing the efficiency of your property. Hiring a property maintenance company that can cover all necessary property and landscaping services removes these issues.

Benefits of Property Maintenance Companies

When you contact a property maintenance team, you will be saving significant time you would have spent taking care of every detail of maintaining your property. Using a property maintenance team can save you money, as there would be no extra costs on purchasing any necessary equipment or hiring differently trained professionals for various tasks.


Here at DPM Design & Build, we believe that property maintenance and landscape garden maintenance is an essential part of the overall upkeep of buildings. We also pride ourselves on offering a wide array of bespoke services to suit every one of our clients’ needs.

Steel Frame Decking Preventative Measures

Commercial maintenance teams regularly carry out various tasks, which are all essential for maintaining a property sufficiently. All of these benefit the owner through saved maintenance costs and reduced internal workloads and risks. These tasks include:

  • Commercial renovation
    If you’ve owned a property for several years, it’s possible that the overall feel of the building could be dated and therefore not fulfil its maximum potential. If that’s the case, a commercial property maintenance company can work with you to renovate and upgrade according to your needs, creating a modern and more efficient property for you to enjoy for years to come.

  • Fixture and fittings installation
    Many property owners find that through extensive use of their fixtures and fittings and changing business needs, there are spaces for change and growth within their property to make it more efficient. If that’s the case, you can work with property maintenance contractors to install new fixtures and fittings, rearranging and upgrading them to work as well for your needs as possible.

  • Commercial cleaning
    Hiring cleaning services ensure minimum disruption to a company or property owner, primarily as many cleaning teams work in the early hours of the day or during the night. Commercial cleaning services cover many areas of a building, including duct cleaning, glass roof cleaning, kitchen deep-cleaning, water damage restoration and much more.

  • Painting and decorating
    Every property needs freshening up occasionally, and hiring an experienced team from a property maintenance company can make all the difference to the overall quality of the work. Not just important for appearance’s sake, painting and decorating can also be required for health and safety reasons, and maintenance companies can complete any necessary work (such as fire-proofing or antibacterial coatings).

  • Commercial landscaping 
    Landscape garden maintenance is vital to creating a pleasant outdoor environment to be in. Services can range from litter picking and leaf blowing to grass cutting and landscape design, as well as ensuring the ecology of your outside areas are correctly managed to create stunning landscaping that you can enjoy for years to come.

  • Driveways and hardscaping
    An underrated way to give a great first impression to anyone visiting your property, ensuring that your patios and driveways are correctly maintained and of the highest quality is vital to the success of your property. DPM Design & Build are skilled at driveway repair, installing resin driveways and cleaning patio slabs, amongst other tasks.

Property Maintenance Services

At DPM Design & Build, we pride ourselves on offering a wide array of bespoke property maintenance commercial landscape maintenance services that can be adapted to suit each client's needs. Using our services, you can be sure every task will be approached with the same diligence and commitment to high standards. In addition, we offer both one-off and ongoing services, which you can adjust at any time to suit any changes to your circumstances.

If you'd like to learn more, please speak to a member of our team.



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