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Landscape Gardeners: Explaining their Services

As a property owner, it’s crucial not to underestimate the positive impact that a well-landscaped garden can have for you and your property, whether it’s a commercial or domestic one. Attractive, creative landscapes provide a brilliant impression to your guests and expand the usable area of your property. Anyone who could use their outdoor spaces to see family and friends during the coronavirus pandemic understands how much of a positive difference it can make. With summer fast approaching, and COVID-19 restrictions beginning to relax, now’s a great time to consider upgrading your garden. Using a garden design company is the perfect way to do this.

DPM Design & Build offers a wide range of landscape gardening services, with a team of dedicated experts ready to help you create your dream garden. To help you understand the services we provide and how landscape gardeners could upgrade your outdoor spaces, we’ve created a guide on all there is to know about garden landscape design.

What are Landscape Gardeners?

Many people are confused about the difference between a gardener, a landscape gardener, and a landscape designer. This is because they don’t all complete the same tasks.

Gardeners focus on garden maintenance tasks and mainly work on already established outdoor spaces. Alternatively, landscape designers use their knowledge of gardening and architecture to create the designs and sometimes even project manage a garden’s transformation.

However, the main goal of any landscape gardener is to help you create your dream garden and outdoor space, using a range of skills to achieve this. Ranging from regular care and maintenance to complete redesigns, construction and installations, landscape gardening services can cover most of your landscaping needs. They can also help plan and design the new landscape and understand how the design impacts the environment and wildlife to avoid any adverse environmental impacts.

Here at DPM Design & Build, we use our years of experience to do a complete site survey before beginning the project to maximise the potential of your property and help you make any decisions regarding the tasks you want us to complete.

What's Included in Landscape Gardening Services?

As explained above, landscape gardeners can cover a wide range of tasks depending on what needs to be done and the available space, including:

  • Garden maintenance – Many clients looking to hire landscaping companies require garden maintenance, often as an additional service alongside other design tasks. Landscaping services include a lawn mowing service, cutting any overhanging branches on your property, as well as weeding and tidying overgrown areas of your garden to make it a more welcoming place to be.
  • Garden construction – Just as important as the ecological aspect of your garden is building and maintaining high-quality design aspects. For example, landscape gardeners can rebuild walls or repaint fences and sheds. In addition, many clients decide to include landscaping elements such as a pond, rockery or a zen garden in their design, all of which can be completed by landscapers.
  • Patios and driveways – Landscaping companies like DPM Design & Build can also upgrade and maintain your roof, install various types of driveways and patios, and complete other maintenance tasks such as cleaning patio slabs. All of these tasks contribute to an improvement in the quality of your outdoor space, so they are part of an excellent garden landscape design.
  • Garden enhancements – Many property owners look to improve the appeal of their outside spaces before selling or after buying a property by tidying or enhancing their gardens. Did you know that a great garden landscape design can increase the value of your property? Alternatively, they may just be looking to upgrade their current garden design to fulfil their needs better!

How Much Does a Landscape Gardener Cost?

The cost of a garden design company depends on things such as their experience and location. For example, an experienced landscaper will accomplish most tasks and access materials at ‘trade cost’. As part of their service, they will know how to effectively remove garden waste created by their work, making the process quicker than completing the process task yourself. As a result, your dream garden may be more affordable than you thought!

Landscape Gardeners Near You

DPM Design & Build are here to help property owners in Berkshire and Surrey craft an outdoor space that you want to spend time in this summer, whilst also providing garden maintenance services to keep your outside areas looking great all year round.
We provide various landscape gardening services, from regular garden maintenance and patio designs to complete landscape design, construction and finishing. Our team of expert contractors will work with you to bring your designs to life. If you’d like to know more about our services, contact a member of our team, and we’d be happy to help.



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