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Is a Veranda or a Pergola Better for your Property?

When looking to increase the attractiveness and usability of the outdoor spaces on your property, two great options are installing either a veranda or a pergola. Many people confuse the two types of structure, partially because the names for both are often used interchangeably, but don’t be fooled – these are two very different types of structure. Each garden and patio design is unique and requires specific things, so understanding the benefits of each option and the differences between the two is essential.

DPM Design & Build have years of experience in landscape architecture and bringing garden design ideas to life. We believe that most properties in the UK would benefit from having either a veranda or pergola installed in their outdoor spaces. Outdoor structures like these provide shade and protection from all types of weather, from blazing hot sunshine to snow and thunderstorms, enabling you to make the most of your outdoor space.

To understand why we’re so passionate about these outdoor structures, continue reading this blog post, and hopefully, you’ll see how they could positively impact your property.

What is a Veranda?

Although some of you reading this blog won’t be entirely sure what a veranda looks like, you’d almost certainly recognise one when you see it. The familiarity of this option is due to the eye-catching design of a garden veranda, which typically makes it look like a lean-to structure. 

They are often used as a conservatory, as the typical glass designs allow the structure to soak up the sun’s warmth, making glass verandas a great place to relax and unwind. The natural light that comes with the glass structure provides plenty of sunshine to your home, especially during the summer months, which can also help any plants you keep there to thrive.

What is a Pergola?

Traditionally, a pergola is a wooden structure or archway that provides shade and cover over a patio design or path. However, the use of wood isn’t vital to its categorisation as a pergola, so some property owners prefer to use alternative materials.

When installed within the grounds of an individual’s home, a popular design choice is to cover the framework with climbing plants, which creates a gorgeous structure that appears to have grown into your garden design. This provides enormous aesthetic appeal to homeowners and is easy to install as it can be added to most garden designs. However, adding plants to your pergola presents the issue of maintenance, as overgrown or dying plants will ruin any aesthetic appeal that your pergola provides.

Comparing Verandas to Pergolas

When looking to install stunning outdoor structures that provide ample possibilities for any property owner, verandas and pergolas are both fantastic options. However, both have their pros and cons, which need to be compared for you to understand which option is best suited to your needs.

Below are some of the most critical comparisons and the impact that they’ll have on your garden design:

  • The design of the structure – Verandas are permanently attached to a property, providing shade and an extension to your living area. In contrast, a pergola is usually a freestanding structure in your outdoor space.
  • The area they cover – Patio veranda designs can wrap around a building, providing multiple covered areas and lots of natural light. In contrast, a pergola can only cover a fixed area.
  • How much space is under each structure? – Traditionally, a pergola will provide less cover than a glass veranda. However, modern designs have blurred the lines between these two structures. Some pergolas can now come with detachable covers to provide shelter, whilst some garden veranda designs now come with retractable roofs. This means that you can now customise either option to fit the needs of you, your guests and your property.
  • Which will suit my outdoor space better? – The typical sizing of these two outdoor structures means different properties will benefit from each option. If you have a large garden and want to use the space to entertain a large group, a pergola will suit your needs. If your outdoor space is smaller, or you want multiple sides of your property to provide cover, then a veranda design is a fantastic way of increasing the usable area of your home.

Local Expert Veranda Installers

Hopefully, this blog will have helped you understand the differences between verandas and pergolas, and you now understand which option would provide the most advantages to your property. If you’ve decided that you’d love to install a garden veranda on your property, DPM Design & Build are here to help with all your garden landscape design questions. We have a fantastic range of veranda designs available, any of which would make a great addition to your home, so get in contact with a member of our team today. We’d be happy to discuss our veranda options with you further.



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