Tips on how to make your garden beautiful

Even the decorators in Camberley can help

Are you wanting to spruce up your garden this summer but worried about the cost? The DPM team have put together a few points on how you can transform your garden into a bright and relaxing place.

This may not spring to your mind but a lot of people create their own compost by saving all the raw vegetable scraps, tea bags, coffee grounds and cuttings from the garden, always have two compost bins on the go at all times so you have a ready supply of nicely rotted compost whenever I need it. Collect the fallen leaves in autumn and make a leaf pile in a secluded spot at the bottom of the garden. This too makes an excellent compost. Old mugs or interesting jars, glasses and tin pots make interesting containers for small plants. Herbs look particularly good in small pots – keep them just outside the kitchen, fresh herbs are so much better than the dried variety.

There are many ways you can save seeds, see below for more information:

Save seeds, all of the flowers in the pictures above have been grown from seed. You can ask friends or family to save a few seed heads if they have interesting plants. When you have grown them you can always give a couple of seedlings back to the people who gave you the seeds in the first place.

Take cuttings from other people’s interesting plants – remember to ask for permission first though. Many cuttings can be persuaded to grow roots, even if you just stick them in a glass of water on a sunny window ledge. Remember to change the water every two days to avoid the build up of bacteria which can stop your cuttings from producing roots.

Add a water feature to your garden, you can always find a great deal in garden centers or B&Q. It instantly makes your garden appear more modern and up to date, it’s always a nice to be relaxing with calm sounds in the background.

The decorators in Camberley team can help too by adding a touch of colour to your fencing, we can get our hands on any colour you wish so give us a call on : 07546 753 076 or 01344 203 248 or visit the decorators in Camberley page below:

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