Taking Care of Your Resin Driveway During the Winter

Resin driveways generally need very little maintenance after being installed, which is one of the reasons they’re popular with homeowners, together with their amazing durability. Yet they still need to be cared for, to make sure they last as long as possible. 

With winter approaching, the evenings drawing in and the weather turning colder, now is the time to start thinking about how to protect your resin bound driveway from the inevitable  frost, ice and snow. 

Landscaping experts DPM Design and Build provide and install high quality resin driveways and can give advice on maintaining them during the winter months.

Caring For Your Resin Driveway In The Winter

The permeability of resin driveways is a huge advantage; it means the amount of standing surface water on them is reduced. This means there is a lower risk of ice forming during the colder months, which is good news for people who have to walk across the driveway in the early morning or after dark. It’s especially good knews if they have children, as there is less chance of them slipping and hurting themselves. Read more about resin driveway permeability in our previous blog.

Tips For Maintaining Resin Driveways In Winter

  1. There are some other good ideas to ensure your resin driveway stays slip-resistant and damage-free.

Use salt to eliminate ice and frost

Salt is commonly used on roads and drives during the winter months to dissolve all potential ice and frost that may form on the surface. But can it be used on resin bound driveways or resin bonded driveways?

The answer is yes; clean, white rock salt can be applied to your resin driveway, but it needs to be washed away once the temperature goes above freezing. Make sure you remove all traces, too.

Use a snow shovel to clear heavy snow

Make sure it’s a plastic shovel though, not a metal one or a snow plough. Metal shovels can damage the resin bound surfacing, affecting its performance and aesthetic. Because resin surfaces are flat and smooth, you do not run the risk of spreading aggregates everywhere by shovelling snow off. Given that there are no loose stones, when you shovel snow to another area, you won’t suddenly have to shift through piles of loose stones lying around once the snow has thawed.

Another advantage of having a resin bound driveway is that any melted snow can be absorbed into the ground below, helping to prevent any icy patches.

If the snowfall is light and fluffy however, you can get away with just using a broom or brush to sweep it away.

How to Improve a Resin Driveways Lifespan

Keeping your resin driveway in good shape throughout the year will increase its lifespan even further. Here are some tips for keeping it in tip-top condition whatever the weather:

  • Keep them Clean – Keep your driveway clean by sweeping it regularly with a stiff broom, while hosing it down with clean water at the same time.
  • Remove weeds and moss – While it’s unlikely that weeds will grow on resin bound driveways, moss may still form, in which case sweep it off with a stiff broom or pressure washer.
  • Remove marks from car tyres – Avoid tyre marks by not turning your wheels when your car is stationary. Any tyre marks should be wiped with a cloth soaked in white spirit, and power washed using a household detergent.
  • Remove dirt and oil – Try to prevent spillages of substances such as petrol, solvents, cement, plaster, oil and grease. Oil and grease can be cleaned off,  but will leave marks otherwise, while the petrol and solvents can soften the resin and damage the driveway. Cement and plaster are very difficult to remove once they have set, so be cautious.

Want To Find Out More About Resin Driveways?

DPM Design & Build are one of the few licensed and qualified resin driveway installers in southern England, and have spent years training in how to use the materials safely and ensuring all their work comes with a guarantee of quality.

To speak to one of their experts about resin driveway ideas for your property, get in touch with DPM today for a free, no-obligation driveway design consultation.



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