How do Patios Improve Garden Landscape Design?

Why Lay Patio Slabs?

Patios are an incredibly rewarding and valuable addition to any home. Whether you have recently moved home, or you’re looking to renovate an existing property, it is worth considering laying a patio. 

Improve Garden Landscape Design by Laying a Patio

Laying patio slabs can be an exciting project, especially as far as landscape gardening is concerned. There are a multitude of different options for patio slabs, and choosing the right one for a landscape garden is simple once you do a little research. 

Once you figure out which patio paving is going to complement your landscape architecture, then it’s time to consider speaking to garden landscape design experts like DPM Design & Build, to see how they can bring your vision to life.

Some popular choices of patio designs include:

  • Concrete paving
  • Block paving
  • Cobbles
  • Natural stone paving
  • Porcelain

We’ve previously written about how professional landscape design can improve the value of a property; one of the key features to help would be an expertly-designed patio. 

They bring tangible benefits on their own merits, and to a home as a whole. Below are just a few of these advantages.

Benefits of Laying a Patio

  1. Garden patio slabs are durable and strong.

The materials used for patios are incredibly robust, resilient and can withstand a wide range of weather conditions. Having a patio that will last throughout the wet and cold winter months, is certainly better than having chipped and broken decking ruined by extensive water damage. The patio decking and slabs we use at DPM Design & Build, are incredibly durable, sturdy and will stand the test of time.

  1. Patios can be easily maintained.

Cleaning patio slabs made from stone, concrete or brick, is a straightforward task. Durable patio materials like these can be treated with additional compounds, which help make maintenance more manageable, and can, in turn, help them withstand harsh weather conditions for even longer. In the UK, extreme weather conditions are common, so it pays off to have a patio that’s properly fitted and requires little maintenance from yourself.

  1. There are numerous colours and designs to choose from.

A great patio design can transform your outdoor space, not just in terms of its visual appeal but in terms of its practicality. The best patio colour and design will depend on the shape and size of your landscape garden area, but with DPM Design & Build, there are many ways of creating the perfect outdoor space for you. Think about what you want from your patio, and which designs will incorporate the aesthetic and practical elements you’re after. We are passionate about making your dream garden patio ideas come to life.

  1. Garden patios are great spaces to relax and unwind.

Perhaps most importantly of all, patios make excellent areas for relaxation with family and friends, mainly when the weather is warmer. Adding some garden features like stylish tables and chairs can provide your outdoor space with that extra decorative flair. 

  1. Well-designed patios are great for adding value to a property.

Patios installed by garden landscape design experts don’t just give you the perfect outdoor space. They also add value to a property. While you get to reap the benefits of relaxing in a beautiful area in the short term, patios can pay dividends in the long run if you ever come to move house.

It’s clear to see that patios offer considerable practical and visual benefits; they are excellent investments in your property’s future both in the short and long term.



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