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Maintaining a Resin Driveway

Resin Driveways

What is a resin bound driveway? It’s a permeable type of driveway that has been laid with a surface material consisting of resin and aggregate stones. There are numerous benefits of resin driveways, the main advantages being that they are:

  • Permeable
  • Flexible
  • Strong
  • Incredibly long-lasting
  • Low maintenance

Not just that, but you can achieve many styles, textures and options with resin driveways. When compared with other driveway options, for example, block paving driveways, you can achieve much more with a resin-bound system in place. Read more about choosing the right driveway here.

One of the main advantages of resin driveways is how low maintenance they are. That being said, low maintenance does not equal no maintenance whatsoever. This is why regular driveway maintenance is something we highly recommend if you want to improve the look and lifespan of your resin stone driveway.

To avoid resin driveway issues, we’d recommend following this guide.

Resin Driveway Maintenance

  • Park small vehicles only – resin bound surfaces are not meant to accommodate heavy goods vehicles or abnormal loads. Normal-sized vehicles are suitable for a resin driveway surface, and it’s best to ensure that the driveway is protected from any larger vehicles before, during and after installation.
  • Preventing tyre marks – resin driveway tyre marks are frustrating to have to clear up. Driveways end up with tyre marks most often when tyres rub along the driveway surface while the car is stationary. The marks are more likely to end up on the surface when they are turned sideways, rather than if they are straight-facing.
  • Preventing other types of damage – adding unnecessary pressure to your driveway can potentially cause damage to it. If you are in the process of renovating your house or indeed having any type of property maintenance service done, there is a good chance that you might need a skip. We’d recommend that skips are not placed directly on the driveway due to their weight and sharp edges.If you have already had driveway contractors install a resin driveway in your property, we’d suggest you avoid dragging heavy objects across it, as well as prevent anything with a sharp point of pressure from touching the surface. Try and prevent any spillages where possible, because although resin driveways are resistant to most chemicals, new driveway installations are particularly prone to long-term damage if coming into contact with certain chemicals.
  • Jet washing – along with brushing the resin driveway surface regularly, we’d highly recommend using a pressure washer to help remove any stains or marks. Flat nozzles will typically have the greatest effect, with the pressure no higher than 150bar. You should treat your resin driveway with care, and not apply excessive pressure while washing. To do this, ensure the nozzle is a minimum of 20cm away from the surface, and the water is not too cold.
  • Removing moss and stains– weeds, moss, algae, mineral stains and so on are avoidable. Resin driveways are resistant to weeds growing underneath the layer, however, that is not to suggest that weeds can’t crop up unexpectedly. Windblown weed seeds can always find their way into small nooks and crannies. Simply removing them by hand is easy enough not to damage the surface of resin bound driveways, although if they are deep-rooted there may be further work required. As far as DPM are concerned, we want to ensure you aren’t faced with any problems after we have finished installing a resin driveway.While it is very unlikely that moss or algae will appear in a new resin driveway installation, applying any form of treatment should be done per the manufacturer’s instructions. Here at DPM, we are happy to give advice. We want to ensure total transparency in all types of driveway repair and maintenance.If your driveway has succumbed to oil spills, simply applying water and detergent should fix the issue. If you have further issues, please get in touch with professional driveway installers who can guide you further.

In summary, clear up any mess or spills as quickly as you possibly can. If you act proactively and efficiently, they will be easy to clear.

Resin Driveway Problems?

We do understand that maintaining a driveway might sound straightforward, but it really does involve more effort than you might expect. Here at DPM, we are experienced resin driveway installers, who also provide extensive maintenance services as well.

Feel free to contact us with any queries you have about cleaning your resin driveway and any ongoing maintenance problems. Even if you haven’t hired us for your driveway design, installation and repair, we are happy to help you. We aim to deliver high-quality and efficient services so you do not have to worry about your driveway whatsoever.

Need some driveway paving ideas? Thinking of installing a new driveway? Get in touch with us for a free, no-obligation quote.

DPM Property Maintenance are also experienced landscape gardeners and painters and decorators in Surrey. Contact us to find out more.



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