Landscaping – More than Just Gardening

Gardener vs. Landscaper

“What is the difference between gardening and landscaping?”

This is a question we get asked quite frequently, and while the answer may not be abundantly obvious to some, there is a very clear distinction between a gardener and a landscape gardener.

Gardening is, by definition, cultivating and tending to a garden. The role of a gardener involves upkeep of lawns, plants and flower beds. It’s essentially the practice of growing plants or flowers and caring for them, and can extend to include cleaning patios, trimming hedges and removing weeds.

Landscape gardeners have a much more rigorous role in designing the whole garden aesthetic, its features and how to enrich the garden as much as possible. Landscape gardening is not necessarily something to take up as a hobby or a sporadic side project; although it can be done, it is predominantly carried out by licensed professionals.

Local landscape gardeners entrust themselves to create a perfect outdoor space for their customers, with their budget restrictions and (most importantly) their vision in mind. With a view to create unique, amazing landscapes, a dependable company will always seek to bring out the best qualities of your garden.

The DPM team consists of reliable, trustworthy and capable property maintenance professionals, who can carry out both garden maintenance as well as landscape gardening services. Our team will always strive to bring your garden’s ideal image to life, whether it’s as simple as mowing a lawn or fitting a new garden fence. Our reputation and experience have collectively cemented us as one of Surrey’s most reliable landscape gardening companies, here to give your garden whatever care you want for it.

Benefits of Landscape Gardening

Bespoke designs

One of the key positives with landscape architecture is that it can be constructed in unique, individual ways that appeal to you. Within reason of course, you aren’t limited in what you want your garden to look like. Your garden will have a unique style, décor and features that can be installed by a landscape designer with a flair for creativity.


Wherever you live, chances are you will have a landscape gardening company within a short distance of your property. You’ll know a company comes highly recommended when other residents give references about good work they’ve had done. Local landscape contractors will have likely built up a strong reputation with residents in your area, and surrounding neighbourhoods. It’s safe to assume that a quick chat with them should alleviate any worries, as should any proof in the pudding that shows they know how to completely re-invigorate a garden.


Tying in with the previous point, a reputable landscape gardener with a proven track record of success in designing creative landscapes, could be skilled in other areas. These could include anything from painting and decorating services to laying resin driveways, and any other type of property maintenance solution to help bring new life into your home. Proven experience in multiple types of work helps a local landscaping company stand out from the crowd.


Landscapers that take pride in themselves, their services and their customers, while embracing a challenge, will not be without jurisdiction. Landscape gardeners who are certified by trade associations such as the British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI), will have gone through a rigorous process to achieve this distinction. It adds a degree of accountability to your landscape garden designers, who have standards to adhere to, and can take away a lot of the unspoken uncertainty when hiring a tradesperson.

Landscape Gardeners Near me

If you’re looking for landscape gardeners in Surrey (and the surrounding area), then look no further. Here at DPM, we specialise in creating personalised garden scenery that you can enjoy looking at every single day. Whether you feel as though your garden lacks that certain ‘wow factor’, or whether you want a complete and utter overhaul, DPM spare no detail when it comes to turning your garden into a space you can enjoy at any time. In fact, renovations are one of our many specialties, and are not just exclusive to your garden.

Landscape gardening prices do vary, depending on the extent of your project. Thus, we would recommend planning your project down to the last detail so as you are fully aware of what goes into creating your dream garden. If you’re asking yourself “how much do landscape gardeners charge?” then by all means, reach out to us today for a free, no-obligation quote after telling us exactly what you’re after. We can break it down for you so as you are 100% aware of the price, and cognizant that there will be no hidden costs or fees included.

Garden Landscaping in Surrey

Your garden is unique to you, in so many ways. We take great pride in bringing that garden’s true potential out for the world to see. We have huge amounts of experience working with gardens of all shapes and sizes, and yours could be the latest addition to our ever-growing list of garden landscape ideas we’ve successfully brought to life. Many satisfied customers having hired us have unlocked a new-found appreciation for their garden, and we can help you find that too.



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