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Taking Care of Your Artificial Grass | Landscape Gardening Services

Domestic and commercial properties benefit significantly from well-maintained and healthy grass in their gardens and front lawns. But many people are turning to artificial turf as an alternative because it’s considerably easier to maintain and offers many more benefits. While it’s not entirely maintenance-free, there are many reasons to consider artificial grass in your garden. 

DPM Design & Build have outlined some simple steps to help you keep on top of it, figuratively, of course.

What is Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is a synthetic alternative to real grass, bearing a strong resemblance to the real thing. It can be installed anywhere in a garden, front porch, or even inside a property from a professional landscaper.

We can fit block paving driveways, which provide houses with colourful and intricately-designed patterns while being resilient and strong all year round. However, our primary speciality is resin bound driveways.

Artificial grass is made from polyethene materials, which make up the individual ‘blades’ of grass. UV-resistant additives and colour tones are added into the mixture once pressed, meaning that the synthetic grass is protected from direct sunlight, heat and will not lose its colour or consistency.

While fake grass doesn’t require mowing, seeding or watering like traditional gardens, it must stay in good condition. A little bit of regular garden maintenance goes a long way, and you’ll have hard proof that your investment has paid off positively.

Artificial Lawn Maintenance

Even a little regular maintenance work can do wonders for your garden. What’s more, you’ll end up saving time, energy and money in the long run. Small routine jobs like brushing, cleaning and upkeep will ensure your garden stays looking beautiful for years. 

It’s the same logic with landscape gardening the longer you leave it, the harder the job will be to sort it out. Neglecting an artificial garden can still mean a bigger job before you know it. Here are a few small gardening ideas to help you stay on top of your synthetic turf.

  1. Brush it semi-regularly. Once you’ve allowed your artificial grass to settle, it’s important to brush it with a stiff, natural-bristle broom. This is gentle but effective on your turf. Doing this regularly will make a noticeable difference, particularly for areas with higher foot traffic.
  2. Keep it free of debris and weeds. Artificial grass products have membranes that are ideal for letting water naturally flow through, therefore doing a great job of preventing weeds and plants from finding their way through. Though it’s unlikely, weeds can still rear their unwanted heads. You could either use a water-based weed killer (as this won’t damage the artificial grass) or take the tops off as you see them.
  3. Remove stains as quickly as possible. Using hot and soapy water will generally suffice for removing stains and marks, as will mineral spirits for oil marks. This is particularly important if you have pets and nature calls; cleaning as often as possible keeps the turf in good condition.
  4. Wait for ice and snow to melt.Your artificial grass can withstand frost and won’t succumb to any damage. Areas of heavy snowfall and ice should be allowed to melt in full, as removing them while compressed can damage the grass blades.

Other Garden Maintenance Ideas

You can take some other simple steps to keep your artificial garden healthy and in good condition for longer. Here is a list of other general garden maintenance tips if you have synthetic grass.

  • Never use harsh chemicals like bleach on your lawn; stick to hot water and soap.
  • Cut back on any hedges and shrubs which obstruct your garden.
  • Avoid sharp objects being used on your grass.
  • It’s relatively self-explanatory, but don’t park any vehicles on the grass, except for bicycles or wheelchairs.
  • Avoid using sources of heat on the grass; instead, use patio slabs for barbeques or bonfires.

Home County Grass

If you’re looking for high-quality, reliable and cost-effective artificial grass for your domestic or commercial landscape gardening project, consider Home County Grass. This product is designed, developed and supplied by professional, accredited landscape gardeners. DPM Design & Build have firsthand experience of the positive difference that artificial grass can make to a property.

This product comes with a 10-year UV-resistance guarantee for any project. We also buy any cuts bigger than 1m² back at 40% of the rate paid. This ensures that as little of our products go to landfill as possible. This product could be an ideal investment for your new home or a renovation project that you may have started when England went into lockdown in 2020.

Landscape Gardening Services in Surrey

If you’re interested in a landscape garden design service from us, fill in our contact form. We offer a free estimate to all customers. We’d love to create a beautiful outside space for your home or commercial building.

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We can also help with other low-maintenance options such as composite decking, fencing panels and SUDs-compliant resin driveways.

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