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Landscape Gardeners Advice: How to Transform your Small Garden

If you feel that the size of your garden is somewhat restrictive, don’t worry. Here at DPM Design & Build, we recognise that many homeowners and commercial property owners want to utilise small spaces to their fullest potential. We have years of experience turning outside areas into beautiful, creative landscapes, no matter how small.

Struggling to decide how to make the most of a small landscape garden? This short guide is for you. We’ve created a list of ideas to give you some inspiration for transforming your small outside space into something you can be proud of.

Garden Design for Small Gardens

Contemporary and modern garden landscaping can be an excellent investment. It can transform your outside space magnificently and give your home a significant visual and aesthetic appeal. Even small gardens can. Don’t be put off by their restrictive parameter; they can add tremendous value to a property.

Do you want to use your outdoor space as a place for regular entertainment once it’s safe to welcome visitors back? Are you looking to fit vegetable patches on a small terrace? Or are you looking at making your garden more pet and child-friendly without compromising on your shrubs, plants and trees? You can find out how to do this with the help of landscape garden experts like DPM Design & Build. As we head towards warmer weeks and months, why not brainstorm some small garden ideas?

Landscape Ideas for Small Gardens

Once you consider what to do with your garden, you can start to look at some landscaping ideas, such as the ones we’ve outlined below.

  • Water features

Water features like ornate fountains and small ponds make excellent focal points for a small garden. In large landscape gardens, they tend to lose their lustre, whereas installing fountains into existing walls or structures doesn’t take up too much space. 

  • Raised decking or patios

Installing a garden patio or a series of decking panels will make your garden look larger. It’ll help if the wooden or composite decking is raised, which gives you an excellent opportunity to place plants or other garden accessories at different levels.

  • Being smart with garden furniture

When working with a small garden space, you need to make the most of every possible centimetre, and garden storage and furniture go a long way. Think about using customised garden benches, tables or storage boxes to make the perfect combination of practicality and visual appeal. You don’t necessarily have to go for custom garden furniture for it to work; consider fold-away chairs, tables or floor cushions, which don’t clutter up your outside space.

  • Lighting features

LED lights and other types of functional, energy-efficient lighting can make a garden feel more in tune with the seasons. A great example of this is mood lighting, where you can enjoy your garden in the day and night time.

  • Window boxes or hanging plants

Space is everything in small garden landscapes, and window boxes or hanging plant pots are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. They can make a small garden more practical, and they don’t take up much room. Plus, these offer great opportunities for growing vegetables, fruits, herbs and perennial plants.

  • High-rise garden fences

A tall garden fence is traditionally used to create a sense of privacy, but why not utilise the panels to display potted plants or lights creatively? Garden fence panels – be it wooden or composite – can add so much colour to garden edges.

  • Raised flower beds

For low maintenance gardening, raised flower beds are a dream. They sit in a contained space, where plants can be easily looked after. Creating landscape architecture to allow for built-in flower beds means that, unlike ceramic pots, there is no risk of them being knocked over or damaged.

  • Curved walkways and pathways

Creating curved garden pathways – using materials like block paving, gravel, stone or resin – can create the illusion of additional space. These walkways can add shape to a garden and help guide the best placement of flowers, which is ideal for those new to garden landscape design.

The above list only covers a few ideas for small gardens. The real takeaway here is you should spend time researching and planning what you want out of your small garden. Envision how you want your space to look, and explore options of gardening ideas that’ll work well with your design.

Advice from Landscape Gardeners in Surrey

Small gardens may present a challenge, but we’re happy to help here at DPM Design & Build. If you want to find out more about maximising your space, garden design and maintenance, contact us or take a look at our portfolio.

Speak to Landscape Gardening Experts

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We can also help with other low-maintenance options such as composite decking, fencing panels and SUDs-compliant resin driveways.

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