How to Keep Your Garden Healthy

Healthy Gardening

Gardening is one of life’s greatest pleasures. That being said, in order to keep that space looking beautiful, you are going to have to do some regular garden maintenance. While many of us love gardening, unfortunately, our busy lifestyles get in the way. This often means the critical task of maintaining a garden gets overlooked or pushed back repeatedly.

With the majority of us already short on time, maintaining areas like landscape gardens can become a very tall order. Left to their own devices, plants can grow substantially, and weeds can sprout seemingly out of nowhere. Before you know it, landscape gardening feels more like a chore, rather than a pleasure.

So how can you give your garden the attention it deserves? How can you make your garden easier to manage? DPM Property Maintenance have suggested a few tips for keeping your garden healthy and help you save time on upkeep. These tips will help you see greater rewards that will go a long way in protecting your garden’s personality, appearance and quality.

Garden Maintenance Tips


The best time to water plants is usually early in the morning, or in the evening when the soil is colder. The warmer the day, the more quickly the water evaporates. Water directly in the ground, and try to avoid overwatering the leaves too much to prevent mould.


Mulching improves water retention, prevents erosion, regulates the temperature and reduces weed growth. Putting down 3-4 inches of mulch at a time should help significantly. Organic mulches can improve soil nutrient levels.


Weeds harbour pests, diseases, and they absorb the nutrients your plants need. So tackling them is essential for keeping a healthy garden. Use mulch to prevent them from growing, or if any have cropped up, use a trowel to remove the roots without damaging the plants you want to keep.

Plant care

Check your plants regularly for symptoms of disease or pest problems. Prune your plants’ overgrown branches to control their growth more steadily. Pinch your plants (where appropriate) by removing the stem tips to encourage more lateral growth. Where necessary, thin and cull your plants to create considerable space and control pests and diseases and water directly after fertilising your plants.

Lawn care

You need to ensure your lawn is protected during hot weather. When the temperatures are higher, avoid cutting the grass too short as the soil is at risk from drying under the sun. Make sure you are watering your lawn regularly

Gardening Done Right

It’s easy to say what’s required to keep your garden in good shape, and looking as healthy as possible. For us, as a BALI-registered landscape gardening company, we know what needs to be done. We understand if you aren’t always able to commit to the garden maintenance tips outlined here. That’s why we pride ourselves on being reliable, customer-focused, local landscape gardeners, who will give you the garden you deserve. If you want to get back to enjoying your garden, rather than go through the trouble of controlling it, then speak to us. We offer our customers a free, no-obligation quote for all of our landscape gardening services. We can even provide extra services for your garden, including your garden fence design and maintenance.



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