Choosing a Painting Company for your Home

It’s no secret we are all currently feeling the effects of COVID-19. In terms of how we all work and carry out our daily routines, this pandemic has certainly thrown a spanner in the works. For many painters and decorators, the sad reality is it has caused them to cancel and postpone many jobs they had booked in over the next several months.

That is not to say that painting and decorating companies can’t take any enquiries for future jobs. While current work is being put on the back burner, future work is still very much in the realm of possibility.

Also, COVID-19 has meant that many homeowners are now confined to their homes for work. If you are a homeowner and this applies to you, this could be a fantastic opportunity to look at the current state of your humble abode. Staying at home can give you some time you never knew you had. Time to think about a potential new lick of paint on the exterior or interior walls, or possibly even redecorate entirely.

What to Look for in a Painting Company

If you are thinking about potentially hiring a painting company soon, DPM Design & Build have outlined some essential things to think about. We are painters and decorators in Surrey, with a wealth of experience in providing excellent service and making every part of your home look beautiful. However, we are no strangers to customers who want to explore their options when choosing painters and decorators.

Choosing a painting company can be difficult. Where do you start? What exactly are you looking for? If you’ve never hired painters and decorators for any property maintenance work before, choosing the right company can be a daunting, and sometimes overwhelming task.

Appointing new decorating contractors is not a decision to take lightly. You need to be confident in their abilities, and you need reassurance that you’re hiring trustworthy and capable specialists in painting and decorating.

The question is, “who can you trust to do a professional, honest job which is going to give you the best value for money?” These small steps should help make that decision easier for you.

Consider your options

When trying to choose your next potential painting contractors, you have numerous resources at your disposal. A painting company’s online reviews can tell a lot about a company, as well as testimonials from previous customers, and galleries of their work. Also ask for referrals from friends or colleagues, particularly if they’ve had a positive experience. Your best bet is to consider what you want out of your painting company, and a transparent, friendly company (like DPM Design & Build) will always want to assure you that their approach is making life as stress-free for you as possible.

Have a conversation

It’s vital to have an open and honest conversation with a painting and decorating business and discuss what you need doing. Trust can go a long way if your contractor solidifies your trust when speaking to them directly. Here is where you have the option to discuss all possible options they can help with, and it’s essential to understand their process. What are they going to do? And how are they going to do it?

DPM Design & Build always want to ensure complete transparency in how we’re going to carry out any property maintenance work. We are passionate about providing excellent service from that very first phone call, and securing your trust in us to do a professional job that won’t leave you disappointed. On that note…

Ask plenty of questions

One big reason why people sometimes lose faith, is they don’t know the right questions to ask before they hire painters. It’s important to remember that decorating and painting contractors are bidding for your business, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s preferable to find out everything about them before you hire them, rather than after.

We are always more than happy to answer any questions you have about house painting, we will aim to give you as much information as we possibly can, up-front and we will never leave you in the dark about what to expect.

Get a quote from your contractor

DPM Design & Build
 can provide you with a no-obligation quote, which will give you an understanding of the extent of the work we want to do for you. We will give you an honest estimate based on your budget, and give you a complete breakdown of the work that’s going to be undertaken.

Local Painters and Decorators

DPM Design & Build provide a wide range of painting and decorating services in and around the Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire area. We understand how difficult choosing painting and decorating contractors can be, not to mention the amount of time it can end up taking. However, we are happy to offer all our clients a no-obligation, free estimate. DPM are experienced in almost every area of property maintenance, including resin driveways and landscape gardening services. This means you’ll be getting a wholesome, complete service backed up by high-quality, professional skills and expertise. Speak to us directly if you have any concerns or questions. We’d love to hear from you.



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