How Much Value Does a Garden Add to a Property?

Impact of Gardening on Property Values

Garden maintenance is a job that can bring long-term benefits to homeowners. If a garden is well-kept, designed and regularly kept in excellent condition (thanks to reputable landscape gardeners), the outside space can bring so much life to a property. There is nothing quite like seeing a garden blossom to life when the sun is beaming down on it.

DPM Design & Build have spared no knowledge of how both environmentally-friendly gardening and garden landscape design can help keep an outside space looking healthy. But there is one question we frequently hear:

Do Gardens Increase Property Value?

If you’re a property owner interested in this, you have likely wondered which garden features will help you see the most significant long-term financial return.

A recent study showed that UK homeowners spend a great deal more time in their gardens these days. It goes without saying that the benefits of landscape gardening have resonated with many property owners over the last few years. Many people rightfully recognise gardens as beautiful outdoor spaces, as opposed to afterthoughts and wastes of time.

This same study revealed a well-kept garden, maintained and designed in the right way, can add anywhere between 5 and 20% to a property’s value.

What features do these gardens have which add value?

Gardening Ideas to Increase Property Value

Install a garden shed

A decent-sized shed is one garden feature that will add a considerable amount of value to any property. Ensuring the shed is on a level base is vital, as putting up a shed on uneven ground will be exceptionally difficult, and damage the overall look.

High-quality paving and patios

Ensuring garden spaces have strong, durable and reliable patios or paving slabs will also help to increase property value. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or contemporary look for your house, good quality patio slabs can go a long way. For your reference, DPM Design & Build can design and install all types of patios for your property.

Make sure your garden fence is secure

Garden fence design goes beyond just choosing a beautiful colour for your garden. Professional landscape fencing is consistent all-round, strong and resilient, while offering plenty of privacy for homeowners when they want to relax and enjoy their space. Most important, however, is ensuring the fence is secure. A trustworthy fence company can not only design and maintain your high-quality fence, but guarantee lasting security at a reasonable cost to you. In the long term, you will see your property value increase thanks to this investment.

Outdoor lighting

This is a highly-recommended garden feature, and one which requires very little, if any garden maintenance. Installing electric garden lights helps to add character to both your patio and your garden, subsequently turning it into a unique personal space. Compare this to having minimal, low-quality lighting, and your garden isn’t illuminated well when the sun sets.

Garden furniture

Well-designed and high-quality garden furniture ideas can pay dividends when it comes to selling your property. Exploring various options for garden furniture, finding dining sets, chairs and other unique ornaments can help give your garden some character, while also prove a worthwhile investment down the line.

Is it Safe to Garden During Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

The COVID-19 pandemic has, quite understandably, raised many questions about whether it is safe to garden during a lockdown. If you are wondering whether you can use your garden while the UK is locked down, we are pleased to say that you can.

Provided the garden is your own, and there is no chance of coming into close contact with the public.

Therefore you’re free to carry out routine gardening duties yourself. What’s more, if you were planning on selling your property before this pandemic ground the world to a screeching halt, now, in this time of isolation, you can use your time wisely. Now is an excellent time to spot potential opportunities to make some crucial changes to your landscape garden, because now you know of what could realistically improve the value of your whole property.

Need a Garden Maintenance Expert?

The information in this blog could certainly prove useful when it comes to selling your property. However, now would be a fantastic opportunity to get in touch with a landscape gardening company who can offer you impartial, valuable advice on where to start with improving your garden. DPM Design & Build are experienced landscape gardeners in Surrey, who can help transform your garden into a gorgeous space, with your budget and restrictions in mind. We are more than happy to have a chat with you, and we can offer you a no-obligation quote. Speak to DPM today.



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