Tips for Maintaining your Garden Fence

Garden Fence Maintenance

With Storm Ciara dishing out some brutal winds and ferocious rain across the UK, and with Storm Dennis on its way, it would be fair to say that many garden fences were left worse for wear. Not to mention the types of landscape gardens which undoubtedly felt the wrath of the storm. Extreme weather can be a detriment to your garden. If you don’t keep your garden fence panels in good shape, they could potentially break beyond repair.

Regardless of the weather, you should always ensure you are giving your garden fencing the best fence treatment possible. Fencing panels need to be treated with care and attention, much like anything within your property, like your exterior house walls or a resin driveway.

DPM, an experienced property maintenance company, has outlined some essential tips to keep your garden fence in good shape.

Your fence helps keep your property secure, private and visually appealing, and a damaged or broken fence can’t fulfil any of these needs.

Don’t worry, if maintaining your garden fence sounds like a hard task, with DPM’s help you can tackle the responsibility comfortably. We are experts in garden fence repair and maintenance. While we can recommend these steps, ultimately, we realise that it requires diligence, hard work and care. We provide high-quality garden fence solutions, and we are happy to give advice and address any concerns.

Tips for Garden Fence Maintenance

Protect the greenery

It’s always worth ensuring that your plants and grass in your garden are not damaged or ruined when repairing fence panels. Some products that you end up using might be harmful to anything in your flower beds. By laying down some protective plastic sheets to catch any spills or splashes, and removing anything you deem to be ‘at risk’, you are off to a good start.

Preserve the wood

When garden fences are built, they are likely to have been treated with a wood preserver. This product helps to protect a garden fence from water damage and prevent rotting. Wood preserving solutions can fade over time and make the wood look worn after a few years, so by adding fresh wood preserver helps keep the fence looking sharp and staying healthy. Ensure you’re always wearing protective eyewear and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty when doing this.

Fight the mildew

As anyone in the UK will attest, damp weather is a regular for us. Consistent damp weather can often lead to mildew and other fungi growing on garden fencing. While they might crop up in odd places, you can’t look past them if you want to preserve your garden fence. Using some warm water and a bristle brush should be enough, but for the more stubborn stains, hosing down the fence with a pressure washer (on a low setting) will help remove any stains. Avoid using bleach as this can affect the colour.

Check for imperfections

You want your garden fence surface to be smooth. Securing any loose screws isn’t an overly hard task, nor is hammering any protruding nails. When it comes to any rough areas that might cause splinters, a sand down will help smooth the surface over.

Check the sturdiness

Any loose or wobbly areas should be seen too as soon as possible, as when the extreme weather inevitably hits again these areas will be the most prone to damage.

For best results, a broken garden fence needs the attention of a local fence company. A company like DPM can give you thorough expert advice and on top of that, give you excellent customer service.

Garden Fence Company in Surrey

Considering how important your garden fence is to your property, tip #6 is to get advice from a fence company. DPM Property Maintenance offers extensive and varied garden fence services, including fence installation, repair and even landscape fencing. We are experts who are capable of handling all types of property maintenance work. We even offer insight and solutions about garden fence design. If you need advice about the best type of fence that your property would benefit from, we can help you with that. Our experience of both landscape gardening and garden fence design will be a tremendous asset to you. DPM is happy to offer a free quote for any domestic or commercial work. Contact us today to see how we can help.



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