What Separates a Commercial and Domestic Painting Company?

Painting and Decorating

Many people might think that a domestic and commercial painting company performs the same types of services. However, there are some substantial differences between the two, which could potentially make a difference when you choose the right painters and decorators.

Residential house painters, as the name suggests, predominantly cover projects within a household. Commercial jobs are slightly more diverse, and often require more bodies to complete than a domestic project.

While it’s no secret that both commercial and residential painting companies provide some similar tasks when on-site, it’s important to understand what the key differences between them are. Read on to learn more about the two types of painting and decorating companies.

Residential Painting Company

House painting contractors typically handle smaller-scale jobs; this could be from painting a single radiator through to every single wall and ceiling in a house.

Domestic services can typically cover general interior decorating work, even extending as far as painting the outside of an entire house. But it doesn’t stop there, these added value services can include:

  • Wallpapering
  • Windows, skirting and doors
  • Facias and soffits
  • Coving
  • Garage doors

Contractors who provide this level of varied painting services are worth paying attention to. Hiring a company who can provide all of the above (and perhaps even more) means you wouldn’t necessarily have to hire more than one company for specific aspects of your house painting job.

Residential contractors will typically work between Monday and Friday, though this is not the case across the board.

Commercial Painting Company

Commercial painters will usually take on larger projects, such as apartment buildings, restaurants, schools and more. Many companies have a greater number of staff that can cater for these extensive jobs, with the facilities, equipment and experience to back it up.

Commercial contractors can offer a broader range of painting and decorating services, many of which are similar to domestic ones. It does entirely depend on the organisation and who is responsible for the premises.

Painters who are hired to work on commercial premises will often work alongside other tradespeople, like electricians, plumbers and joiners, to complete the job. There is a good chance they will have to liaise with property managers to discuss colour and finish options, as well as other design details.

While residential painting companies typically work within regular business hours, commercial painters are more likely to work flexibly, so as not to interfere with their clients’ schedules. Many business and institutions prefer not to have a painting job interfere with their normal hours of operation.

Key Painting Company Differences

  • Larger spaces require more people to ensure the job is completed on time; commercial painting companies typically employ a larger number of qualified painters.
  • The equipment used might be different; larger projects may require higher quality materials than standard house paint, which will also cost more because of labour expenses.
  • Schedule availability is a key difference, with commercial contractors offering slightly more flexibility.

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Local Painting and Decorating Company

If you’ve been researching local contractors in your area, you may have seen that DPM Design & Build provide both domestic and commercial services.

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The differences between residential and commercial decorating and painting can be explained in a nutshell, but hopefully now your decision has been made somewhat easier.

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