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How to Choose the Right Colour of Resin Driveways

Resin driveways are surfaces which contain a mixture of resin (either polymer or epoxy) and aggregates, that have been glued together. This mixture is carefully laid over an even, permeable sub-base (as part of SUDs requirements) and provides a home, or commercial property, with a consistent driveway colour and texture, that’s visually enticing. 

Are Resin Driveways Good?

Whether installed in a commercial or domestic setting, resin bound driveways make a strong, hard-wearing and permeable surface. Not only that, but if installed correctly from professional driveway specialists, they will last a very long time.

Aside from being robust and reliable, a resin bound surface can survive well in a range of temperatures and weather conditions without succumbing to damage. They are sustainable, practical, low maintenance and versatile and thoroughly complement a property. You can read more about resin bound driveways pros and cons.

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of resin driveways is the wide range of colours and textures that you can choose from, moreso than block paving

Resin Driveways Colours and Textures

The range of resin colours, with differently-sized aggregates, can create some truly unique patterns. If you’re looking for a decorative and aesthetically-pleasing driveway design, it’s great to have so many choices at your disposal

It’s important to think carefully about resin aggregates and colours, and to ensure you are satisfied with your decision. A resin driveway is an investment, and it’s going to be much more preferable in the long run if you choose a colour that you’re going to enjoy for years to come.

We use colour mixes directly from The Resin Mill, the UK’s leading resin bound gravel suppliers. We are Resin Mill-certified resin driveway installers, using the highest quality materials, coupled with our commitment to providing exceptional service and delivering the best results for our customers.

Below are just a handful of the types of aggregate mixtures you can get in DPM Design & Build’s resin stone driveways. 

Types of Colours for Resin Driveways


A very bright, sandy-coloured mixture of resin gravel, featuring nice blends of cream, yellow, orange and everything in between. This type of resin aggregate is ideal for homeowners and businesses that are looking for a driveway which is going to (metaphorically) light up the property around it.


Properties that could do with a more oriental aesthetic should consider the Titanium resin blend. This particular resin mixture features silvers, blacks and greys, in a speckled pattern. If you are looking for a predominantly grey resin driveway, consider this one, although it’s worth bearing in mind this blend is very versatile, and complements numerous other colours. 


The Platinum resin colour is modern, trendy and suitable for those who want a driveway, pathway or patio with a darker overall tone. These aggregates are particularly close-knit, which means that its compression is greater than many other blends, meaning it will last significantly longer. For practicality and longevity, consider a Platinum black resin driveway.

Farmhouse Gold

Gold and brown are two colours which go hand-in-hand, and many homeowners are still choosing this incredibly popular resin aggregate colour. It’s difficult to find a property that this resin colour wouldn’t suit. What’s more, the stones are so smooth that it makes resin driveways easy to trowel during installation. 


This special mixture of silver and red resin aggregates is excellent for those of you that want to add a unique, modern twist to your driveway. This colour is adaptable and suits so many properties, either in rural or urban areas.

Which Resin Colour is Best?

It’s difficult to recommend a particular colour or texture, as every property is different and various styles will be best suited for certain ones. 

All of the aggregates and mixtures we use at DPM Design & Build are BBA-approved, UV-resistant and installed by professionally qualified resin bound driveway specialists.

Driveway Experts

DPM Design & Build can provide you with advice on the colours of resin which will be a welcome addition to your property. We can help you choose the right colour to match your house, garden and surroundings.

We hope that the above guide gives you some valuable insight into our products, but if you would like more information on driveway installations or renovations, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us

We can provide you with expert advice from specialists who have worked in the property maintenance industry for years. We are firm believers in giving you outside spaces that you will love for years, so why not take advantage of a free, no-obligation quote from DPM Design & Build today?



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