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Steel Frame Decking: What You Need To Know

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve all had to spend a lot more time in our gardens. If this has been the case for you, perhaps you’ve decided to install some decking to be able to enjoy this summer? If that’s the case, you’ll know that various options are available depending on factors including budget, size, and reliability required.

Decking needs to be able to withstand different weather conditions and activities. Therefore you must build your decking out of materials that will keep you happy with your outdoor space for years to come. With all of this in mind, have you considered steel frame decking? The team here as DPM Design & Build have years of experience with steel frame decking and believe it could be the perfect solution to your decking needs.

What is Steel Frame Decking?

The substructure of every deck is the basis of its durability. There’s no point in having a lovely deck located on your property if the frame it sits on is rapidly decaying and shortening the life of your new piece of outdoor furniture. Steel is a reliable and long-lasting material. It has quickly overtaken timber as a deck frame material in popularity, often paired with composite flooring for maximum reliability and quality.

Benefits of Steel Frame Decking

Steel frame decking is a popular choice for many homeowners and offers various advantages that other decking choices simply cannot offer.

The structure of steel means that steel decks have the double benefit of being both lighter and stronger than more traditional deck frame materials, such as timber. At the mention of steel frame decking, many homeowners would picture heavy steel beams – however, the light U-shaped beams used to create steel decks are purposefully made to recreate the look of timber. this results in an attractive, strong and light structure that is easy to install and maintain, eliminating many common issues with other types of decking.

Another advantage of installing a steel deck frame is the reliability of steel compared to timber and other older deck materials. As a substance, steel is highly resistant to many elements, including various weather conditions. Timber can shrink and warp when exposed to wet weather conditions, resulting in an unstable deck frame, but steel removes this issue altogether. This means that you can rest easy choosing a steel deck, knowing that it will stay as designed and installed as the years pass.

Another common issue that you don’t have to worry about with steel frame decking is pests and the damage that they can cause. Timber frames are well known for attracting various pests, resulting in gradual damage to your structure that eventually requires expensive repairs. Steel as a material is resistant to pests, meaning that choosing steel for your patio deck is a fantastic long-term investment. The money saved in the lack of necessary repair work and maintenance costs makes steel a cheaper option than timber or other materials, keeping you happy with your new decking for years to come. 

Steel Frame Decking Preventative Measures

As previously mentioned, using steel provides added strength and reliability in comparison to other types of decking. However, steps need to be taken during construction to keep that strength intact. The strength of the steel depends on how the beam is folded. Care needs to be taken to not ‘crease’ the beam, as this results in lower reliability as the structure of the beam becomes weaker.

One reason why timber frames have been such a popular choice for decking is the variety that’s readily available, not to mention the simplicity of ordering and installing replacements whenever necessary. As steel frames need to be specifically ordered, requesting a replacement can slow down the process of installation. Therefore it’s essential to ensure that all of the deck specifications are correct before the steel frame decking is prepared.

During construction, protective layers may be scratched, and if any water gets into those, then the beams will begin to rust. Thus, the reliability of the steel is ruined. Therefore, any exposed steel beams need to be sealed using appropriate materials to ensure the reliability of your steel beams for years to come.

Garden Landscaping Services

If you’ve been convinced by the advantages of steel beam decking and want to know more, get in touch with the team here at DPM Design & Build. We specialise in fitting patios and decks, as well as other landscape gardening services for a variety of properties, and we’d be happy to help you create and install the perfect steel frame deck for you. To find out more about our decking and garden landscaping services, get in touch with us directly.



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