Choosing the Right Garden Fence Design

Gardens are a big responsibility. Much like a car or a pet, the more care and affection you give, the better it will be in the long run. All these types of investment take substantial effort and time, and gardening is no different. We all have varied levels of love for our gardens, and the privacy in them. Considering this, landscape fencing is a topic that you probably don’t often want to think about, nor want to spend a huge amount of money on.

Whether it’s to offer your garden a bit more protection, create some separation with a neighbour’s garden or simply replace an old broken fence, choosing the right fence design is inevitable as well as deciding the right fence company to fit it for you.

Here at DPM, we offer a variety of fencing options to suit your needs, within your budget.

We design creative landscapes and are one of Surrey and Berkshire’s most trusted garden landscape design companies, passionate about making your home look beautiful. To make this process easier, our team of gardening experts discuss how to choose the most appropriate garden fence design for you. One that will combine the right mix of style, security, functionality and affordability. Here are some important questions you should ask yourself before taking any action.

What Purpose is it Going to Serve?

Identifying exactly what you want your landscape fence to do will ensure you get the most practical solution. Whether it’s a side trellis to create a vibrant wall of colour, a willow screen in the back garden for extra privacy, or a picket fence to give off that welcoming vibe, it’s vital you’re assured of the function.

You can even go for the mix and match approach, which can have a practical benefit rather than simply be visually appealing. For example, combining stone slabs with wood panels can give your fencing panels some added durability during the wetter months, as well as providing a unique flair in your garden.

What Style of Fence Should I Pick?

So, you’ve decided the location and the purpose of your fence, now it’s time to consider the style of fence that will accommodate you the best. Do you want something more practical or visually exquisite?

Your garden fence company will be able to supply and install the right fence for you, but a good piece of advice is to think about how you’re able to maintain, clean and if necessary, improve the condition of your fence, so as to help keep your property secure and private. If privacy is less of a concern, opting for a style that’s easy on the eyes might be worth considering. Either way, don’t settle for a landscape fencing design that won’t suit you, or opt for a cheap and easy way out.

What is My Budget?

Your privacy, security and décor are all important to you but spending extortionate amounts of money on landscape gardening and a plethora of fence panels might sound daunting. But you’re not going to feel hard done by if you’ve done your research and factored this in.

You may feel as though a full-service landscape company are just there to do a job, but most offer free advice on which options will suit you best and try to accommodate you within your budget. Their raison d’être is to ensure you are happy with a fence you can enjoy looking at every day.

What is the Ideal Size?

A shorter picket fence in your front garden might prove more beneficial than slatted fencing but will probably not be ideal if you want a bit of privacy in your back garden. Size definitely matters, and it is important to take the impact of light and wind on your new fence.

As an example, if you’re in an area where there is less exposure to light, opting for anything over 1.8m might obscure your garden from the sun even more. By the same token, if you’re in an area where the wind hits hard, choosing vinyl or PVC fencing might prove more durable than standard panels.

Do I Need Planning Permission?

It is worth doing a bit of extra research to ensure you’re complying with UK planning laws when you’re planning this landscape gardening project. As it stands, planning permission is required if you wish to erect a fence:

  • If the fence would be anything over 2m above ground level
  • Whether your house is a listed building, or in the curtilage of a listed building.
  • If your fence would be over 1m high and next to a highway used by vehicles, or the footpath of said highway

You should also check whether an Article 4 direction is in place by your local planning authority (in short, these restrict a particular area’s development rights).



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