10 Reasons to Choose Block Paving Driveways

Block Paving Driveways

Block paving driveways are sturdy, durable, reliable, and an incredibly popular choice of driveway for a domestic or commercial environment. Block paving typically consists of bricks or slabs which are used to fill spaces, laid together in a unique pattern across the driveway surface.

Driveway paving slabs can be designed and constructed in numerous ways, and full driveway installations can be done using a variety of different materials.

Block Paving Designs

DPM Design & Build are experienced and proficient in driveway design, installation, repair and everything in between. We have a wealth of experience laying these types of driveways, resulting in high-quality and durable driveways, styled, textured and coloured to make your home look beautiful. They are a fantastic option for increasing property value, and we can offer numerous block paving patterns and colours.

Choosing a Block Paving Driveway

Block paving driveways are often staples of modern homes (and businesses in many cases), offering different benefits to alternative options, such as concrete, tarmac or resin driveways. While certain driveway options offer advantages that others don’t, here at DPM Design & Build, we believe installing a block paving driveway could be a practical and excellent choice for you.

Block Paving Benefits

We’ve outlined ten reasons why you may find block paving beneficial.

  1. Great Appearance
    Block pavers are generally seen as more aesthetically appealing; when they are installed, they can create a very modern-looking, colourful and professional décor to a home or business driveway. Even for more traditional-looking buildings.

  2. Design and Colour Options
    There are plenty of design and colour options available. Here at DPM Design & Build, we can offer numerous finishing touches and block paving materials to choose from, all of which blend their unique style with a professional, durable material.

  3. Make Design Updates
    It’s easier to implement design changes in block paving than, for example, resin-bonded driveways. With block paving drives, should any design changes be needed, it’s much more straightforward as all existing materials can be removed and renewed. As long as the foundation is in a good condition, it’s simple to upgrade to block paving.

  4. Easily Make Repairs
    Remedial work is also much more manageable with block paving designs; individual blocks, bricks or slabs can be replaced if they are chipped, stained or damaged. This is preferable than leaving signs of a ‘patch job’, which could be the case for other materials like concrete or tarmac.

  5. Increase Property Value
    Block paving driveways are typically seen to increase property value more than other surfaces. Due to its visual appeal, and versatility, this driveway surface helps to modernise the looks of houses. Compare this to gravel, for example, which can create a mess; block paving looks much tidier.

  6. Durable
    The lifespan of a driveway using block paving is second to none, with the individual blocks very unlikely to fade over time. This means the colour will stay vibrant for years to come.

  7. Practical
    Block driveways’ interlocking designs allow for an even dispersion of weight, both sideways and downwards. This means heavier vehicles can be parked and driven on them for more extended periods of time. Other materials do not have the same luxury.

  8. Even Surfaces
    Blocks are laid on an even surface. This means the driveways are much easier to walk and drive on, while also proving much better for disabled access.

  9. Not Weather Dependant
    Installing block paving is not dependant on the weather during the installation process. The individual blocks can be laid in almost any condition and temperature. Whereas resin driveway surfaces, as an example, can’t be installed when the temperature is 5°c or lower. This means there are fewer delays in installing a driveway if using block paving.

  10. Weather Resistant
    Block driveway slabs provide a much better platform for surface water runoff due to the gaps between the blocks. Whereas tarmac, as one single surface, doesn’t offer the same level of reliability when water is running off. Block paving, in that sense, provides your driveway with a great deal of natural drainage.

Need Help? Speak to Local Driveway Contractors

While a block paving driveway costs slightly more than other options, they are well worth the investment. There are some definite advantages of block paving, mainly that they are durable, low maintenance, easy to install, and all you need is trusted local driveway pavers to do a professional job.

To find out more about our driveway design and installation services, reach out to us today for a free, no-obligation quote.



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