Painters and Decorators – What Should you Look for?

Painting and Decorating Companies

Everyone sees value in domestic and commercial painting and decorating companiesdifferently. The choice to hire a company to take on the job(s) might seem very simple, one which entirely rests on the overall cost that’s quoted.

While the price is a vital point to consider, this shouldn’t be the sole driving factor when it comes to hiring a painting company. There are numerous other factors you should consider alongside your spend.

Professional painting companies that can deliver high-quality results, for both domestic and commercial applications, will likely have a reputation built on factors other than cost. The quality is reflected in the value of the job, which is why settling for budget painting companies will not give you the results you deserve for your house or office.

Here are several other factors to consider when it comes to choosing painters and decorators, many of which will have broader implications. You might benefit from a conversation with your chosen painters and decorators about some of the following points. This list is primarily to give you some insight into what to look for initially.

Choosing the Right Painting Company

While we appreciate time is of the essence, painting and decorating contractors that demonstrate the following characteristics will be worth your investment. So, here are nine ways to find the right painting company for you.


Proposals and quotations should be entirely transparent, clear and non-obligatory. It’s essential to be clear up any confusion about any potential misunderstandings, to ensure no confusion arises when the property renovation work begins. Professional contractors will give you easy-to-understand quotes and do so efficiently.


Commercial painting companies are expected and required to do more than the bare minimum; they are often tasked with more than merely painting office walls or the outsides of buildings. Commercial premises often need additional machinery, access equipment and tools to fulfil the project requirements. Professional, trusted painters should show they have the relevant necessary experience. Otherwise, both parties could potentially be in for a disaster.


An organisation which is accredited by one or more professional associations can be a good indicator of their quality and standards. Fully qualified and accredited painters should always be adhering to the highest standards in their work.


Looking at the gallery of established painters and decorators will give you a fair idea of what to expect. But the painters themselves will undoubtedly be able to produce references from satisfied customers they have serviced in the past. Testimonials speak volumes about any professional property maintenance company.


To the untrained eye, deciding on office or house paint might seem universal and standard. The reality is very different; the massive range of paint products on the market varies drastically, many of which are suited for specific purposes. The same can be said for all the particular products these contractors use for their other services. If they demonstrate a solid understanding of professional, high-quality products, and how to use them, this is a sign that these painting contractors are worth your time.


Local painting and decorating contractors will have likely built up a firm reputation for high-quality results. Judge for yourself whether you appreciate the level of diversity offered by your local painters. While they might offer other services, companies who value their customers will always ensure their services speak volumes in terms of quality and efficiency.


Painters should always ensure they are maintaining a high standard of tidiness and respect for their surroundings. A contractor who demonstrates a professional appearance and service at all times won’t come off as shoddy or lazy. We will always ensure any client property is left in an immaculate state. In commercial premises, this is vital, as some businesses hosting customers can be affected by unprofessional appearances or dirtiness.


Companies who can work to your schedule and be willing to compromise on timings are usually the ones worth your time. Professional painters will always try to minimise any disruption to you and make the experience as stress-free as possible.

Customer service

Decorating companies who can prove they care about their customers are usually the ones who have built up a firm reputation in upholding a professional service demeanour. They typically look for ways to improve their services and how they work, which is ideal for commercial customers who need ongoing property maintenance services.

Painters and Decorators in Surrey

In case you weren’t aware of what this blog was trying to insinuate, DPM Property Maintenance value all of the above characteristics in our work. We offer free estimates to anybody wanting to discuss our services We take great pride in guaranteeing you a friendly and reliable service We will always be completely transparent with you We offer staged project development plans, giving you added flexibility if money is a concern We can offer you painting and decorating advice if you are unsure about what you need to bring the best out of your domestic or commercial property. You can count on DPM to deliver dedicated, exceptional results. Give us a call today to discuss how we can help.



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