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5 Benefits of Choosing a Bioethanol Fire Pit

As the UK moves further into autumn, it’s time to consider how to keep your indoor and outdoor living spaces warm and hospitable for anyone who comes to visit. If the past 18 months of being stuck in your home have led to you looking to make some home improvements, try adding a garden fire pit to your property. 

If you’re interested in doing so, it’s essential to know that many different products are available. The gas models of fireplaces have been commonly used for years, but bioethanol fire pits have become more and more popular in recent times. Continue reading this blog post from the garden design experts here at DPM Design & Build to learn how a bioethanol fire pit works and how it compares to the natural gas alternative.

Comparing Bioethanol to Other Fire Pit Options

To understand why bio ethanol fire pits are such a great option for your property, you first need to know how they compare to the other options on the market. Traditional gas pits replaced wood-burning fires, which produced a lot of smoke and ash that made them uncomfortable to be near and were terrible for the environment. 

In comparison to wood-burning fires, natural gas fire pits are much better for socialising. This is because they can burn for an unlimited amount of time and don’t produce acrid smoke that makes it hard to breathe. However, gas fireplaces are still not ideal because the burning of natural gas contributes to global warming, and there is a finite amount of the resource available. In fact, experts currently predict that the planet’s natural gas supply could empty in as little as 53 years.

Bioethanol fire pits have plenty of advantages to contrast the negative aspects of wood and natural gas fires. Bioethanol fuel is a renewable energy source created from the by-products that come from plants, meaning that fires using this fuel are much more environmentally friendly than the alternatives. What are the other advantages that come with a bioethanol fire pit?


The Advantages of Bioethanol Fire Pits

Before you invest in adding a bioethanol fire pit to your property, it’s helpful to understand just how advantageous they are compared to the alternative we listed above. Below is a selection of the benefits of choosing a bioethanol product and why the DPM Design & Build team recommends them to our customers.

Easy to install

Natural gas fire pits are difficult to install due to the lengthy processes involved in connecting a hard gas line to the mains. In contrast, a bioethanol fire pit is much simpler as the bioethanol fuel is stored within the product itself, helping to save you time getting it up and running.

Flexible and mobile

Most natural gas fire pits are located outside and need to be within a designated area to access the hard gas line. Bioethanol fire pits come with much more flexibility, typically being created from materials such as stainless steel and glass. This means that this option tends to be lighter, making it easier to change the location of your bioethanol fire pit whenever you like.


Bioethanol fire pits work out to be more affordable than natural gas alternatives when all costs are counted. A trained professional must install a gas fire pit, whereas a bioethanol option can be unpacked and used by you and your guests straight away. Bioethanol fire pits are also easier to maintain and use affordable and long-lasting fuel, meaning that you’ll find yourself saving more money than with any alternatives.

Environmentally friendly

Natural gas contributes to the greenhouse gas emissions that worsen our climate change issue. Thankfully, using bioethanol fire pits is more ethical as they are a cleaner solution. Bioethanol fuel is created from the by-products of crops and corn, which means it burns without emitting smoke or harmful toxins.


All of the benefits listed above that come with bioethanol fire pits result in them being a much more versatile option than natural gas options. Homeowners that burn natural gas tend to only do so during the summer because of the British weather. However, certain bioethanol fire pits can be used inside the home, meaning you can use them no matter the weather.

Order Your Bioethanol Fire Pit Today

If you want to take advantage of all of the benefits that bioethanol fire pits have to offer, DPM Design & Build can help. We have a fantastic selection of products available in our shop that can suit a wide variety of home and garden designs. If you have any questions, a member of our team would be happy to help you, so get in contact with us today.



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