Why You Should Consider a Veranda in Your Garden Design

What is a Veranda?

A veranda is a structure which is built onto a house, either at the front, rear or side, designed to provide shelter or shade. Verandas are typically installed by the back door of a house, overlooking the garden or outdoor space. Given how versatile they are, they can be a gorgeous addition to a home, thoroughly complementing the aesthetics of a landscape garden.

You’d be hard-pressed to find any two exactly identical verandas. This is because they are typically customised and built to the precise specifications of a property. No two houses are the same, therefore, neither are verandas.

What can a Veranda be Used for?

Verandas have many purposes when it comes to garden design. They primarily provide outdoor shelter space for homeowners and guests to relax in; if a landscape contractor installs a veranda with a roof, everyone can enjoy the area regardless of the weather.

High-quality verandas also complement the overall look and feel of a home, which can in some cases, add value to the property should you decide to sell. So there is a practical advantage to verandas, as well as visual ones. 

You may be wondering why you should consider getting a veranda for your home. There are plenty of other benefits of installing one, and this list should hopefully give you some inspiration for future garden design ideas.

Benefits of Having a Veranda in your Garden

  1. Quality

    Verandas, like most complex property maintenance projects such as resin driveways, are not easy to install. However, using the best quality materials, responsibly sourced and having the project undertaken by professional property maintenance experts like DPM Design & Build, will ensure your veranda is as structurally sound and resilient as possible.

  2. Value

    A beautifully-designed outside space can make a big difference in terms of property value. Verandas, as well as patios, permeable driveway designs and more, can all improve a property’s visual appeal and its marketability.

  3. Aesthetics

    Houses with verandas are often more noticeable than ones without. Properties with high-quality ones are attractive to look at, with a veranda adding a certain charm, sophistication and completeness to a home.

  4. Space

    One major advantage of installing a veranda is the added sense of space and room it gives you. Whether you are using the veranda for storage, a dining area, or a getaway space to sit, relax and enjoy your beautiful garden when the weather is nice, they give you the space you need, when you need it.

  5. Entertainment

    British weather is, as we all know, unpredictable. It can be chilly in June just as it can be warm and bright in October. Luckily, whatever the weather, a garden veranda can be the perfect place. It can be the cool shady area to escape the scorching sun, just as much as it can be the protection from the rain and wind.

Deponti Verandas

At DPM Design & Build, we are certified veranda installers of the Deponti range. These highly-rated expert verandas are perfect for detached or undetached homes, offering homeowners an ideal space to enjoy all year round.

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly put the brakes on many of your holiday plans. This means that in this time where we find ourselves at home more often than not, many have taken the time to revamp or renovate their home. Why not consider a Deponti veranda to give your home that major wow factor?

Garden Design Experts

Here at DPM Design & Build, we are professional landscape gardeners in Surrey, with a wealth of experience in property maintenance projects. We are used to working on jobs of all shapes and sizes, both domestic and commercial. We can help you decide on the most appropriate garden designs and products to use, and how we can provide that continued, ongoing help to keep your garden and home looking excellent.

If you’re considering a veranda, you can get a free, no-obligation quote from us today. What are you waiting for?



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