What are the benefits of using a Professional Painting Company

Have you ever looked at a paint job and thought ‘I could do that’? You’re not alone. As a nation, we are DIY lovers, and often fancy ourselves as being able to do all sorts of bits and bobs around the house over the weekend. But here’s the thing. Do you really want to spend your weekend stripping paint and/or wallpaper, prepping walls and painting them a new colour? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have a professional come in and do all of the hard work for you? If you’re not convinced, here are a few more benefits to using a professional painting company for your next project.

Get the Prep Done Right

A good paint job is about much more than just slapping some paint on a wall (and even that isn’t as easy as it seems!). There’s a lot of preparation that goes into a well-done paint job, from choosing the right paint to prepping your walls. Preparation work for painters and decorators can include but not limited to; cleaning surfaces down, repairing rot, carpentry, filling holes, plastering, sanding and patchwork. We can also make sure a white matt coat is applied as a primer, so paint finished like vinyl silks apply smoothly and stay true to colour. and This is a detailed process that requires a lot of skill, but it’s worth it. By using a professional painting company, you will end up with a paint job that lasts longer and looks amazing when it’s finished.

High-Quality Paint = High-Quality Job

The paint you use will have a big impact on the overall finish, how long the paint lasts and even how true to colour the finish is. A low-quality paint means you will end up having to redecorate more often, doing far more touch-ups in-between as the paint scuffs or rubs off. Trade paint is much higher quality than the paints you could buy off the shelf, with better occupancy, leaving you with a much more professional finish that will last for years. As a professional painting and decorating company DPM have access to professional quality paints and materials, so we can provide you with exceptional results and finishing every time.

All Work Guaranteed

Most professional painters and decorators won’t just expect you to trust that they will do a good job – they will ensure it. A good painting company will always offer some kind of guarantee on their work, holding them to account for the quality of their work and make sure they can come back and fix any issues that may come up. Professional painters will also be insured, so if anything goes wrong you have peace of mind, knowing everything is covered and in hand.

Decorating at a Time That Works for you

Taking the DIY approach to a painting project can mean you’re waiting weeks or even months for it to be finished. But as a professional painting company, we have a team of professional painters and decorators ready to work together and wrap up your project within your set time frame. This will leave you with much more time for other things like decorations, designs and furnishings to add the finishing touches to your home. By using a professional painting company, you never have to stress about that unfinished project again – just tell us when you want it done by and watch us work.

These advantages obviously make hiring a professional a much better choice. Even if you factor the cost into it, getting a professional to do the work for you is often much more affordable than doing it yourself, not to mention the fact that you can relax and enjoy your weekends instead of doing back-breaking labour! At DPM, we are proud to be one of the best painters and decorators in Surrey, and we can’t wait to take on your next painting project.  You can see some examples of our work here, and we are always happy to meet, discuss your ideas and give estimates.



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