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What are the Benefits of Outdoor Kitchens?

We all have an area of our homes that we’re particularly proud of and love to show off to any guests that visit our property. When the weather’s nice outside (and the typical British rain stays away), that area is often our garden and outdoor space.

The outdoor space provided by a garden came into its own at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020, as people desperately sought escape from being stuck inside. In preparation to host guests again, many of us bought BBQs, leading to a real boom in the popularity of outdoor cooking. If you use your BBQ a lot, you may now be considering taking the next step and installing an outdoor kitchen.

DPM Design & Build can help by creating and installing the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Our team of outdoor decorators have years of experience in producing stunning garden patio ideas and creative landscapes. We can work with you to understand what you need from your outdoor kitchen to create a design that’s perfectly suited for you and your property.

Why You Should Invest in an Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen isn’t necessarily the aspect of a garden design that many people would associate with properties in the UK, as they’re much more common in warmer climates, such as across the Mediterranean. However, as the average temperature in the UK slowly rises, many of us are wishing that we had the opportunity to enjoy using our outdoor spaces more, and an outdoor kitchen is a perfect way of achieving that.

So if you’re looking for some garden design ideas, here are seven reasons why adding an outdoor kitchen to your property may be the solution:

1. They’re suitable for entertainment

Many households in the UK are looking forward to socialising outside and enjoying good weather together this summer. An outdoor kitchen is a perfect way to do that, helping to create an outside space that’s perfect for entertaining your guests, and saves you having to leave the area to prepare food inside constantly.

2. Outdoor kitchens increase the value of a property

Not only does an outdoor kitchen increase the potential for you to enjoy fun activities within your home, but it could also help to increase the market value of your home. Outdoor kitchens are usually made from durable materials to withstand different weather conditions, which makes them last for years to come, meaning that people would be happy to pay more for your property to enjoy the quality landscape architecture.

3. They can help save on utility bills

When you cook inside your home, any air conditioning systems you may have will need to work harder to reduce the temperature. This adds to your home’s energy consumption, meaning you’d need to pay more, along with having an impact on your electric and gas bills.

4. Cooking outdoors keeps bad smells outside

The smell of cooking food travelling through our homes is commonplace; however, some odours (such as cooking fish) isn’t the kind of smell we want to have associated with our properties. An outdoor kitchen solves this issue, keeping the inside of your home smelling fresh.

5. They expand your living space

Anyone with an ample garden space but a relatively small indoor living area would particularly benefit from an outdoor kitchen. They provide a great addition to your home and make any property feel more spacious. On a sunny day, you can open the door to your garden and drastically increase the usable space of your home.

6. Outdoor kitchens could save you money

An outdoor kitchen is an excellent investment, not only because it helps to improve the value of your home but also because it provides a different location for you and any guests to enjoy. This could result in you saving a chunk of money by not having to visit restaurants as often when entertaining and get to make use of your outdoor space instead.

7. Outdoor kitchens make cooking easier and faster

Having an outdoor kitchen means that the number of individuals who can help prepare and cook food only depends on the size of your garden. This increases the possible number of cooks that can help out, therefore speeding up the cooking process and reducing the stress of preparing a meal, allowing you to enjoy the positives of hosting guests at your home.

Local Outdoor Kitchen Suppliers

DPM Design & Build have years of experience in creating gorgeous outdoor spaces that improve the useability and value of any home, and we could do the same for you by adding a beautifully designed outdoor kitchen to your property. Contact us today for more information, and a member of our team will be happy to talk to you.



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