Deponti Giallo

Deponti Giallo

Beautifully smooth & robust

The Deponti Giallo Veranda is known for its smooth, robust look and is equipped with a reinforced gutter profile. Because of this extra reinforcement the Giallo can be mounted with just two posts with a span of 6 metres. The maximum span on two posts is what makes the Giallo unique. The result is maximum enjoyment with a free and open view.

The Giallo is extra strong, meaning that it can be made with just two posts, with a span up to 6 metres!

The robust & smooth aluminium veranda provides a solid and stylish extension to your home. The Deponti Giallo is available in three RAL colours: Cream, White, Traffic White and Anthracite Grey. The veranda comes with a standard polycarbonate roof in which you can choose from various types depending on your wishes.

Deponti Giallo Details

* Round or classic decorative gutter front possible.

The Giallo can be expanded with various Deponti accessories, such as a side wall, LED lighting and side panel.

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